- The village and the forest of Saou (or there is a replica of the Trianon), walks 3 Becs or the chapel of Saint Médard ...
- Racha Mount : Poët from Laval, available at most parts in the car by road. Overview summit until Mont Ventoux .
- Mount With God : near Dieulefit.
- Poët Mountain : from the old village, several pathways are possible: the Col de Grand Pas and the village of Eyzahut the hole Furet.
- Miélandre and the Mountain of the Lance on the road and the Vesc Roche Saint Secret .
- La Montagne d'Angèle : the highest peak in the region (1600m).


Our region has numerous recreational facilities.
Tennis, horse riding, golf (the 18-Valdaine holes), cycling and mountain biking are the most common.